How to come home with a girl after going out

When you’re dating, it can be tempting to want to come home with her after a great date. However, you need to be careful about how you do it.

First, you should let her know that you have plans after the date. That way, she won’t feel like she’s getting a booty call.

1. Let her know that you have plans after the date

Whether you’re new to the dating scene or you’ve been together for a while, coming home with a girl after going out can be nerve-wracking. But there are ways to make it feel natural and comfortable.

1. Give her a text that’s polite and genuinely sweet.

A simple text like, “Hey, you’re sweet” will show her that you value your relationship and the time you spend with her.

2. Make it clear that you’d like to see her again.

3. Mention something that was on the date that you’re still thinking about.

This will help her remember what you two had in common, which can make for an even better date next time.

2. Don’t make it a big deal

The best way to come home with a girl is to keep the same fun and flirtatious vibe that you had during the date. This will help her remember you and make her feel comfortable, even if you don’t see her for another day or two.

Keeping the same vibe will also help you avoid the dreaded last minute resistance. It’s a known fact that girls aren’t always willing to let themselves go, so it’s crucial to know how to navigate this tricky territory.

Besides the obvious, don’t overdo it on the texting – this can actually be a deal-breaker. It’s fine to text her a bit about your day and how you had fun, but don’t bombard her with texts if she doesn’t reply promptly.

3. Let her know that you’ll be back soon

After you’ve spent time together, it’s crucial to let her know that you’ll be back soon. You can do this in a variety of ways.

You can tell her that you’ll be back soon by saying something like, “I have a few things to take care of right now but I’ll be with you soon.”

Be sure to leave your name and phone number, and don’t say anything else that could scare her off.

This will give her a sense of safety and security that she needs to feel safe when you come home with her. She’ll know that you have her best interest at heart, and she will want to be with you when you arrive.

4. Don’t be a creep

When coming home with a girl, you don’t want to come off as a creep. That’s not to say that you have to stand around with her like a stalker or act as if she’s an ape, but it does mean that you should treat her with respect and not make her feel uncomfortable.

A great way to not be a creep is to make sure that you don’t touch her inappropriately. This is something that most women find creepy, especially if she’s already in a relationship with someone else.

Another thing that people find creepy is when you ask them overly personal questions. This can include things such as how much money they make, what their blood type is, and so on.

5. Make it fun

After a good date, it’s natural to want to keep the evening going. But don’t worry – you don’t have to make it a big deal, and she doesn’t have to feel pressured.

The best thing you can do to keep a girl interested after a first date is to continue doing things that are fun for her. This will help her to feel more comfortable around you and make her want to spend time with you more often. Some of these ideas may seem a little cheesy, but they’re all great for making her laugh and showing her that you’re genuinely interested in her. These are also good for getting her to think of you as a real person and not just some guy she’s been going out with.